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Instrumental music lessons during school closures


7th January 2021

At the start of this New Year we are again experiencing interruptions to school-based Instrumental lessons resulting from the ongoing pandemic. We are informed that the school closures will continue up until February half-term. As we were able to inform in previous terms, once we have the go-ahead for our tutors to return to schools, lesson will resume and invoices for music lessons will be sent to customers in due course.

Covid-19 safety
We will all recognise that it was a slow start for music lessons during Autumn term, with some schools still not having been able to allow Instrumental lessons to take place. Nemco tutors have needed to be flexible to be able to accommodate the changes requested by schools with times, days and some lesson groups needing to change to respond to specific risk assessments and safety considerations. At all times, where lessons have been possible, schools and tutors have been vigilant to ensure that Covid-safe guidelines have been followed.

Remote learning
Some tutors have been able to offer temporary on-line options to help continuity of learning during the recent on-off nature of school-based lessons. Please note that, where tutors have suggested this might be possible, we will contact you to ask your consent for tutors to be able to discuss with you directly any such arrangements. Generally Group lessons are not possible and customers would be offered an Individual option.

It is with regret that we are still unable to predict when Windband and Orchestra rehearsals will resume. The last time we were able to meet was in March 2020. In response to the many supportive comments received, we can offer that we plan to reinstate our Saturday morning rehearsals programme as soon as is practical and safe to do so.

Nemco office
Our office is still offering a limited service, due to the terms of the government’s extended furlough scheme, so we ask that communication at this time be via email.
Again, thank you for your patience and support as we move into another unpredictable year.


Should you wish to contact our office, the email address is: info@nemco.org.uk


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