Moving further towards resuming school-based

instrumental lessons for Autumn term 2020

(Week commencing Monday 21st September)


If you'd like to read our latest letter to Parents (11th September 2020), please click on this link


Instrumental lessons

There has been much communication with schools since they were able to reopen to pupils this term, and we are pleased to report that many schools have worked very hard in difficult circumstances to be able to start to accommodate pupilís lessons.


As we anticipated, being able to resume music lessons this term is not proving uniform, with availability and size of rehearsal spaces and practise rooms being different from one school setting to another. Each school has different procedures for distancing and hygiene for tutors to abide by, to ensure the safety of both pupils and tutors.


Some schools have unfortunately confirmed a delay to the start of Instrumental lessons until after the half-term break. Customers will be informed when we have further details.


Lesson costs and payments

Where restrictions have been reported to us by schools on the maximum number of pupils per group, customers will be informed and invoices will need to be temporarily amended to reflect the current situation at school. These changes will only affect pupils receiving standard Group lessons. Paired and individual lessons will be unaffected.


As previously informed, where lessons did not take place due to school closures at the end of the Spring term, customers will receive credits/refunds on their new Autumn term invoices, which will be sent to customers by the end of September.


Nemco ensembles rehearsals and concerts

Members of our Saturday morning Windbands and Orchestras will be contacted regarding when we believe it will be possible for rehearsals to resume.


Nemco office

With many schools still unable to allow instrumental lessons to take place at this time our office staff, now working subject to the governmentís flexible furlough arrangements, is only able to offer a reduced service. As such, we ask that customers email/post enquiries to us, and we will respond in due course.


Thank you for your continued understanding and for your patience.


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